Evesham Township Police History and Vintage Photos...page 3
    This photo shows the original seven members of the full-time Evesham Police in 1966 at the Nike Base headquarters on Tomlinson Mill Road. Shown in the front are Patrolmen Walter Ward, Nicholas Matteo and Joseph Leedom. Behind them are Chief Andrew Janssen (extreme left) with patrolmen Edward Brown, Walter Morrell and Neil Forte.
  By 1971 the Department grew to 32 personnel including dispatchers and crossing guards. Shown in this 1971 photo are in the front row (l to r) Sgt. Vincent Mullen, Sgt. W. Cuzzupe, Sgt. Walter Morrell and Chief Joseph Leedom. In the Left Row (l to r) are Patrolmen Robert Dugan, Daniel Kernan, William Steck, Charles Bakely and James Brown. Right Row (l to r) Detective Nicholas Matteo, Patrolmen Robert Moseley, Paul Chenier, (unidentified), Patrolman Bobby V. Ferriola. 

    In April, 1998 the new Evesham Municipal building opened on Tuckerton Road allowing the Department to move into much larger quarters there, having long outgrown it's space in the basement of the original municipal building on East Main Street.

  This 1991 photo shows Evesham Police officers recovering an elephant statue, found at Route 73 and Brick Road. At the front is Cpl. Ed Dolphin and at the 'business' end is Ptl. Bruce LaCarte. They are putting it in the owner's truck. Chiseled-edge Chevy Caprice patrol unit shown at right.
Photo: Chris VanBrunt